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We offer two options on the photo cards. The first is for you to provide us with a photo (hard copy or electronic copy) and then choose from a selection of designs and we will scan your photo directly onto the photo card. (Photos can be printed in color or black and white.) You then choose your own wording and font (from the InScribe Font List) and we will print it. There are about 35 designs that can be used for the scanned photo cards. Pricing on these designs are as follows:


6x9 flat card

$2.00 each

5x7 flat card

$1.70 each

4x6 flat card

$1.35 each

3x5 flat card

$1.25 each

3x5 folded card

$1.45 each

5x8 folded card

$2.40 each

5x7 folded card

$2.15 each


The second option is to get copies of your photo printed and then mounted on a selected card. We will print your text onto the design of your choice and you provide the adhesive and attach the photo yourself. Your choice of card size is a bit more limited with these cards because you need to allow room for the actual size of the photo. If you only need a couple of lines of text, the 6x9 flat photo card is a good choice. But if you need more text space or want to handwrite a message, the folded cards would be better. Pricing is as follows for these designs:


6x9 flat photo card

$1.85 each

5x8 folded card

$2.25 each

5x7 folded card

$2.00 each


These are just a sampling of some of our more popular designs. We will be sending out more samples through our newsletter as the season approaches. Also, keep in mind that any of these designs can be used for holiday invitations as well. We have a great selection of designs available that are not shown on the web site, so please just ask.


Also available with any of these cards/invitations are matching address labels. The address labels have nine (9) labels to a sheet for $2.00. Or if you prefer, we can pre-print your return address on the back of the envelope for $10.00 per 50 cards.